Saturday, May 08, 2010

brief delight

Indeed, these wonderful chestnut tree flowers are parked here only for a limited time...


  1. Lara, how're you? Been months since I last visited :D

    Bis dann...

  2. hallo, Mirage! well,been months since I last posted :(...

  3. Are these the trees that have the chestnut?

    I have a student from Austria. very lovely boy, well mannered

  4. Hi Lara, I'm sorry that my May Day post made you feel uneasy. I understand that. But as I have not experienced a communist regime, I can appreciate the good things socialism brought about here.
    BTW, the red chestnut trees are wonderful! I strolled through Burggarten last weekend and all the flowers were wonderful! Hope you have not too much work!
    Best regards, Maria

  5. today I took a day off and went to enjoy the Genuss Festival in Stadtpark! photos coming soon.

  6. Oh...very pretty. Glad you captured them while you could! By the way, my uncle and aunt live in Strom...near the Austrian-Hungarian border. It's a very pretty village in the wine country.

  7. @ Ann: yes, but these are not the edible chestnuts.
    @ LinneaW: and the wine is great here too :). Thanks all for visiting!


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