Sunday, May 09, 2010

the return of the Enzies

... in front of the indulging eyes of Andy Warhol.
The Genuss Festival from yesterday gave me the opportunity to visit MQ, too. Believe it or not, now that I live most of the time here, there is no free day to go and linger there, in the sun. Oh, there was no sun either :)), but this is just a minor aspect...

The Enzies must have been out by now, I thought, and indeed they were. I never check it on the internet before they take it out, because I like to be surprised ;). Candy Shop Pink they call this year's colour, but I see it more like raspberry. No matter what the name is, I still believe it is the nicest until now.
Outside my window there is again a rain cloud. Oh, well... I guess we have to wait a little bit longer till we can go and be lazy in the sun a whole day long...

Happy Sunday!

ps: for the ones in Vienna, the Festival is still ongoing today. In Stadtpark. Go go go :)!


  1. Enizs, ok I will have a look in my parks if the red will works with greens!
    Many thanks Lara, I fine now ... not 100%, but quite better than one week before. I paid the my personal invoice of the last month with a strong hearing loss. But thanks god, it is better ...
    Do you have a new cam? Your last fotos are very unsharp ...!
    Have a nice start in the new week

  2. Thank God you are better, but the hearing loss is no good news :((. please, take care!
    the sharpness is caused by photoshop reduction of image size. you know I have some guys collecting photos from here, so it's better to have them less sharp...


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