Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bucharest with friends

Bucharest was animated with tourists two weekends ago. A rather unusual thing for the Romanian capital city. I guess the good ol' rockers from AC/DC did a huge favour not only to their fans, but also to the city, by coming here.
The photo is taken at Unirii Square, downtown Bucharest, at the famous fountains bulervard build by Ceausescu.


  1. I like the shot in black and white, add drama to the fountain. Great.

  2. Australia's Acca Dacca have fans everywhere.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  3. I can imagine the amount of tourists with all the AC/DC followers have the new hit movie, Iron Man, that has a lot of their songs throughout the movie're bound to have even more. I love the sepia tone to your photo.

    Come see the King and Queen of Watery Wednesday!! If you find time. You'll probably laugh.

  4. Anonymous5:02 pm

    Nice place to sit & talk w/ friends!

  5. Hello! Visiting you from WW...Luv your blog and your photos. Thanks for visiting me as well.


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