Wednesday, May 12, 2010

hello, honey...

If you want to see some amazing honeybee shots, go visit Abraham's gallery HERE.


  1. Akazienhonig ist so gut!

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  3. Lara: That is cute. Didn't look at the spelling until too late.

  4. Anonymous1:20 pm

    Honey is really one of Nature's treats by way of the honeybee. I wish people would stop using pesticides and other chemicals because they actually kill a lot of honeybees and other vital insects.

    Did you know if the honeybees were all killed that the people on earth would starve to death. Why? Because the world's food crops are pollinated by honeybees.

    See my honeybee macros here: ► Abe's Flickr Honeybees

  5. @ Fishing Guy: I got the point :). thanks for visiting!
    @ Abraham: many thanks for the honeybee link!!

  6. oh ... sh#$ I've forgot to take it in the supermarket today. So have to eat my "hüttenkäse" with chili. No problem ... :)


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