Friday, May 07, 2010

poor neglected blog

Indeed, my poor poor neglected blog! With so much going on around now, I have my hands full and my head even fuller of American and Canadian literature, of management & marketing (yes, I know, I'm crazy), I also try to work in order to earn some money, too, not only to spend (one thing that I cannot live without: new clothes. Anyone around feeling the same?).
My camera is not exactly full of dust, but is only going around the garden. Oh, well, then, I'll post something from the garden. At least the piece of blue sky beneath this beauty will compensate for the gray skies and the rain we are having right now...

For other skies around the world please follow THIS LINK.


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you too, Lara.

    Hahaha, as I grow older, I shop only when necessary and clothes are purchased only if I really like it.

  2. lovely flower...
    you must have a very pretty garden!

    how small are we?

  3. what beautiful photos,. thanks for visiting my blog too.

  4. what a beautiful colour!

    Lovely detail.:D

  5. Beautiful pink flower! Happy weekend!


  6. What a nice flower shots you have here. Love it!

    Recently, I learned to buy new clothes only when it is necessary but when it comes to kids, I don't mind buying every month :)

  7. Misalyn, I am trying to do my best to limit the purchase :)), but there are so many cute things out there and they are all so necessary (not!) :))! thanks for visiting my page!


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