Sunday, August 08, 2010

Faxi? No, fenks!

Who can understand them? They look, they take a picture of me - but no one needs a faxi. Although they all speak about ecology and protecting the environment, they still prefer the cars - the taxis. They say that they feel like exploiting me if they jump into my small vehicle, but how about the poor horses standing not far away from here, begging for some shadow next to the Stephansdom? Don't they feel like they are exploiting them too? At least I am here due to my very own will. Did anybody ask the horses?

yes, this weekend we see the things in black & white only. no room for negotiation.

Faxi = Fahrradtaxi (DE) = bicycle taxi (EN)


  1. Great shot! Cheers!

  2. Would love to have a faxi:)
    Great for shopping in our neighbourhood.
    Well I keep walking..
    - Cheers Gisela.

  3. Yes, this is a great shot, the decisive moment, the emotion, the wonderful B&W tonality and contrast...

  4. That is a great shot. Looks like one of those carts for children in the grocery store!

  5. A fine shot that captures this fellow's expression and his machine. Interesting comment!

  6. Great picture!
    I don't remember seeing any of these taxis.

  7. Hi Lara! So, you went on vacation with a Faxi... Great!! ;))

    Blogtrotter Two managed to get inside a cave and take pictures there; enjoy the mites and tites and have a great week!


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