Sunday, August 22, 2010

one Cretan morning

The roads took us to Crete, giving us no time to prepare, research or even think about it, but offering the gift of unexpected and discovery.

One Cretan morning we got up too early for the habit of the place, and went off snapping (stealing?) still images of a silent break of the day.
This post is for Today's flowers, but also for my friend Clarisa, with whom I agreed to post in counterpart Cretan and Portuguese doors and windows.


  1. I recognize the atmosphere, but I didn't see you there ;-)

  2. oh, I was the one hiding under an orange hat :)

  3. this is perfect. Love your blog!

  4. Simplesmente lindo! Acredito que uma casa onde há plantas tem muita vida e é feliz! Grata por compartilhar este doce momento!
    Uma feliz semana!

  5. Beautiful composition.


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