Friday, August 27, 2010


So, have you decided where you run away for the weekend? Have you found you corner table, where you can sip a lemonade? Your little cozy place for sharing the latest news with your friends. Or simply a place from where you can just stare at the people and gossip about them (oh, the guilty pleasures of poisonous words!). So, have you? Than, enjoy it!
Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Well, right now I'm sitting on my back deck listening to a rushing stream and drinking some wine. It's getting dusk, and I keep thinking I should turn and look into the woods for bears. I think I'll go inside... Lovely cafe spot you've captured!

  2. Mine will be in front of the computer getting ready for school to start. But this world you have captured is gorgeous. It speaks to me of summer.

  3. I don't want lemonade,thankyou, I wish I could have a bowl of the delicious Raspberries above, with lots of thick whipped cream.

  4. Barb, life with bears must be really interesting!
    Sandy, can I help?
    Glennis, consider it done :).


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