Thursday, August 26, 2010

sky watchers

"Oh, so you want to take a picture of us for Sky Watch friday?"
"Oh, no, of me not! I am not very photogenic!"
"Ooooh, that's awsome! We are going to be famous!"
"Don't mind her, she's dreaming of becoming a movie star ever since another guy took a picture of her last summer... Well, but pardon me for asking, what is Sky Watch Friday?"
"Do you always have to be so?"
"So like what?!"
"Like asking stupid questions!"
"What?! What did I ask? I just want to know!"
"And if you know, it's in vain in any case! It's not like we have a computer here or something..."
"Oh, man!"
Sky Watch Friday. In Crete.


  1. Anonymous9:26 pm

    LoL! Great commentary & sky

    Happy SWF! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Ich denke es ist ein geniales Bild und die Mädels haben eine echte Chance bei Heidi Klum verdient! Was für ein blauer Himmel ... fast hätte ich es vergessen zu sagen ... lol***

    lieber Gruß

  3. Love you blue skies and your delightful and expressive goat friends! Happy SWF! Have a wonderful weekend -- all of you!


  4. Perfect sky. What's that hairy thing next to the goat?

  5. Hahaha for a moment I thought they were photos of people when I read the commentary. Cute.

  6. That was fun! These guys are great.

  7. @ everybody: I am glad you liked my guests for today :). @ Ania: all goats. this was the one who was a bit shy for allowing itself to be photographed :))

  8. Funny (and true). And the sky is so blue.

  9. Love the one with the bad hair day.

  10. thank you so much:)

    you really have a nice blog:), I love the way you write so much.
    Have a lovely magical weekend:)

    Lots of hugs


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