Tuesday, August 03, 2010

it makes me wanna smile

There is a big difference between men and women, they say.
So big, that when one talks about allegedly very important things, the other one hears just blahblahblah after a while.
So big, that the cap of the toothpaste tube can become an apple of discord.
So big, that if one begins to stare into a blank space, the other fears immediately a lack of love.
So big, that sometimes one fights with another for nothing, just because they speak about the same thing, but in a different language.
So big, that it makes me smile.

Show your world!


  1. Very funny.

    It's not only men and women -I was having toothpaste battles with my mother when I was a child.

  2. LOL so men are really from mars and women from venus!:p

  3. Finally we're not that different as we "make war" about the same things!

  4. Hahaha, very interesting sign there.

  5. Oh, how funny, Lara! As Luna wrote, men are indeed from Mars and women from Venus! A very entertaining post for the day! I love it! Enjoy your week!


  6. Absolutely, mine has an inbuilt blah,blah filter, I open my mouth and everything he hears turns into Blah.


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