Saturday, January 12, 2008

as seen in summer

Good morning! For whatever reason I brewed myself a horrible coffee this morning. Outside of the window everything is frozen (for few days I am in Bucharest, you'll see soon some photos). But inspite of the cold, fog and bleak outside, I thought I can go back to my archive to show you the place from yesterday in summer (back in June 2006, and in more colours). Hope you like it! Have a great Saturday!


  1. I like the "slices" of stone in these shots. Very interesting.
    Sorry about your coffee. Better make some helps the day look better.

  2. Anonymous1:53 pm

    I could have used those photos in my teaching geography :))
    I started at once to think, when those stone material has stratified on a bottom of a sea and then gone deeper and deeper, a pressure bigger and bigger modifying new stones and then they start go up, more and more upper, a mountain is arising from the sea.
    Was this enough or do you want more :)
    yes, I can say yet, they are very good pictures, Lara!

  3. Beautiful summer pictures! I love those puffy clouds!

  4. Thinking of summer while you brew a new pot of coffee (I hope you did this) might give the day a bright start!

  5. I've found if I've made a bad pot of coffee, it is not worth drinking, it is best to just dump it out and make a new pot! Life is too short to drink bad coffee:)

    I like the idea of posting summer pictures in the middle of winter. Good choices. Having a good "summery" type of drink helps too.

  6. Those are powerfull summer shots. Great colours there.


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