Sunday, January 06, 2008

Deutschland in 24 h

A rush trip to Leipzig, Germany, for business. These are the only photos. But the trip was nice. I was a little bit scared by the speed on the German highways...
I have no clue what I did with the last picture :) - I supose I left the camera on, and it fired by itself...
Happy Sunday everyone! Here it snows again, like in a fairy tale!
A gasoline station.


  1. Happy sunday you photo the thirid. Today Me and my moto friends will go to (festeggiare ...dont remember in english sorry. i'm leaved myself just few minutes ago) the ephifany on Harley.

    bye Fab

  2. I guess on the last picture, you were going so fast on the highways that you were only able to catch the lights of the city. Haha!

  3. Frohes Neues und glückliches 2008!
    ... and a happy Sunday!
    Yes, the german highways are a nightmare, I hate it to drive there.

  4. The intensity of the German motorways comes through in the last photo! Great, intense color, Lara. Thanks for bringing your camera along!

  5. Lara, have a great Sunday. I am off on a business trip myself later today. Your pics today are great. the last one is so colorful.

  6. Anonymous5:17 pm

    It`s difficult to think, that you are so near Wien and other cities there. We must always cross the sea and that makes traveling by car more difficult to us.
    I am happy, you are back and in safe :))

    Have a good beginning week!

  7. I like your last photo. Very artistic and colourful!
    Well taken!

    Alex's World! -

  8. Did you notice all country or town near highway way out in Germany they all are called "Ausfahrt" but, how many Ausfahrt city are in Germany?

  9. You are on the move! Wow, to be so close to all these places!

  10. very nice photos of your trip!

  11. Very cool photos Lara! Thanks for sharing with us. And isn't it neat how we sometimes get some really cool results without meaning to. :D


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