Friday, January 04, 2008


after witnessing the fire crackers and the sound of the Pummerin at the Stephansdom we danced till 2 Am with the entertainers of Radio Arabella - just lots of fun! Can you guess what were they singing?


  1. i like series like this:) give a great impression of the event. Usually Olivier has photos like this from France:)

  2. my "3 fav" for december from your blog are : december 2 , 9 , 17

  3. Hi Lara, I am late but day are too short and so much work has to be done. I have just seen the photos I missed to see earlier. I like them all. They are very festive. Well done job, as usually.

  4. Oh I love live concerts! I hope you had a fun time.
    Happy New Year!

    Alex's World! -

  5. Great pictures of your live concert. Are they doing YMCA? Or the Macaranga? I really don't have a clue but everyone looks like they are having fun.

  6. Don´t have the faintest idea... but must have been fun...

  7. Very nice series of pictures. Dancing that late!! Must have been fun!

  8. Anonymous6:57 am

    Now we can see a difference between your winter and ours!
    We had -20 C last night, no dancing in the streets, but everybody is walking very quickly even without music :))
    Trees are now covered by thick white frost and I got a flu, what a big dilemma!!
    I wish you good, relaxing weekend!

  9. Dear Lara,
    You have been tagged:

    Enjoy! :-)


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