Friday, January 18, 2008


In my series of "reality check", see a foggy and frozen morning in Bucharest.
Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Looks about 20 degree below 0 C. Hope you have enough firewood!

    Beautiful capture and thank you for your visit.

  2. Hi there ... these are quite a shots ...

  3. Anonymous7:58 pm

    Still you have those white branches, don`t be sad!
    It`s still raining here, no beautiful branches .
    Tomorrow we will leave Joensuu for the town Lahti, the weather forecast
    promises a snow storm during our driving - wish luck to us!

    Have a good weekend over there!

  4. beautiful photos, nicely done.
    With Images

  5. Very lucky you are, we here in the southerners, him we dryly pass...., neither rain neither snow, only cold.
    I wish us it visits the snow shortly.
    The photographs are splendid.

  6. Wow, the snow almost makes Bucharest look beautiful. Almost (!).

  7. The snow does make Bucharest look beautiful, no matter what Jackie says:) The pictures have a moody, almost dreamlike quality to them.

  8. Lara, these are wonderful. the ice on the branches looks magical.

  9. The snow make Bucharest look COLD! I'm sick of the wintah already, ya know. ;)

    By the way, I think Bucharest is beautiful. Never been there, but I've seen some lovely views of the city here and at Ro's.

    Have a nice, warm and bright week end, Lara. :)

  10. great snow pictures!
    thank you for visiting my photoblog!

  11. Haha I started a debate, which is hopefully hot enough to melt the snow ;) What I mean is that (having been to Bucharest, and many other Romanian towns too) although it has a few beautiful areas (Herastrau Park is gorgeous, for example), overall it isn't a beautiful city to my mind (and eye). It's full of character, but for beauty go to Sibiu (I would say that, I lived there!) or Brasov or Sighisoara. Or even Timisoara or Cluj. For me, Bucharest is for the airport - a day is enough there ;)


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