Thursday, January 24, 2008

take a break

Dear visitors, due to busy times in the company and also lack of inspiration, I decided to take a break from posting. I'll still be visiting your sites. See you soon!
PS: add to this the fact that my brand new zoom lens is broken and awaiting repair in Austria. Allegedly I'll have it back in February.


  1. I feel I should do the same, but I still try to post and when I have posted I try to visit everyone. But it's hard these days.

  2. I know the feeling - I may have to do the same pretty soon. See you around!

  3. Good decision. If it isn't as fun as it used to, then take a break.

    The "Daily" part of this thing is what wears you down after a while and it starts to feel like an obligation. And the fun is gone.

    Before I went on vacation I was feeling pretty bored with the whole thing. When I came back, it was very sweet to read all the messages people had left during my absence and all the welcome-back comments. Very touching.

    However, it's only two weeks later now and I am seriously thinking about switching to once or twice a week. I've already taken the word "daily" off my blog's title.

    So, you aren't alone, kiddo.

    Take good care of yourself and if/when you start posting again, I'll be most happy to stop by. :)


  4. One thing is sure: you're the boss here! You're right to have a break if you get bored or tired. But...I'll be happy to see you back!

  5. I hope you come back soon(and get tons of inspiration!)

  6. Hope you manage to come back soon, but you are quite right.
    We should only do blogging for the fun of it... so, when we have no time, no inspiration and no lens ...
    And Lara, let me say I was very touched for your kindness on visiting my daughters blog. Thank you.

  7. Dear Lara, I completely understand you. It is the same with me. And what bothers me the most is that I have never had enough time to visit others on time and to leave my comment to their post as well as to comment and thanks to each comment I use to get on my blog. Many of time I manage to visit some blogs but have no time to comment it. This really shouldn’t be our obligation but the way for relaxing and for fun and for many other nice things we can see or learn from others around the world.
    I’ll miss you and I hope you will recharge your batteries and come back soon.
    Take care of yourself!

  8. Hope you're back and refreshed soon! And especially that your camera gets fixed :)

    PS Thanks for your comments over at my blog. Yes, 4,3,2 was depressing, but I did think it was an amazing film despite that and I'm glad I saw it. "California Dreamin'" ("Nesfarsit", I think in Romanian) is on here next month so I'm going to try to see that too.

  9. How to see in back in action soon!
    Have a good break.

    Alex's World! -

  10. Sorry again for having been a bit absent, but my week was too croded...
    Look forward to seeing you back posting. Thanks for the comments at Blogtrotter
    Enjoy a great weekend!

  11. Hi Lara - Photo blogging has to be fun and interesting to keep it up day after day, or it gets to be a real grind. I have enjoyed seeing your world through your pictures and hope you come back soon.

  12. Anonymous5:52 pm

    It has been really joyful to get know something about your and other`s different worlds and it never makes me tired, only posting my own posts start sometimes to feel tiring and this question arises to my mind, why on earth am I doing this.
    I have started to learn a genealogy and I will stop or at least deduct blogging.
    But I am happy of knowing you !

  13. We'll miss you Lara! Hope you get your lens back soon! I completely understand about work......sometimes things just get too hectic!


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