Wednesday, March 12, 2008

against PET & plastic bags

...I mean, mainly against stupid people throwing these wherever...
Don't look for photographic value here, look only for how we destroy our land.
Near Amara, Ialomita county, Romania. Shame!
PS: Herr Ratze, I got your point from yesterday... Hmmm, a very good point... Danke! Ich denke darueber nach!


  1. If there are PET bottles and plastic bags in the nature, it's not their fault but ours. We could throw also glass bottles and paper bags. But we shouldn't.

  2. That really is a sad picture which I also use to see in my city very often. It is driving me crazy when ever I see something like that. I simply cannot understand the people who can throw the rubbish away all around. Is it possible that they don’t care how their surroundings look like or if the air they breathe is clean or not?

  3. Anonymous1:25 pm

    Who are the jerks that do that?
    Maybe the same ones that do that here in Portugal.
    Stupid people can be found everywhere, that's for sure!

  4. thats too bad that people would do this.
    Wiley Willows Photoblog

  5. This picture could be taken almost anyplace in the world. It's a shame when you see plastic bags in the trees despoiling the landscape. Here is a guy who is trying to do something about plastic. Check out

  6. The government should take charge, educating people (especially youngsters who are the ones who tend to trash and litter the most) and devising a well implemented system of fines.

    Some cities in the Greater Boston area assign inmates for highway cleanup duty. Civilian groups also volunteer (schools send groups of teenagers to pick up trash along main thoroughfares).

  7. I see this so often now, in our streets, towns and city's.. but it also happen in the countryside. We (man) seem to think we can rubbish anywhere... even space is full of our junk whizzing around.
    Like you I feel disgust.

  8. You have the same problem there too? How sad to see these thrown to the ground like that. People should have some responsibility.

  9. Whaaat????

    And I got a photo of street swepper here yesterday...its sad that no one there picks the trash as they do here...I know you've seen them on the street...

    Really a shame that the landscape gets degraded for lack of concern...

  10. ok ... it is only my point of view. In this case, I would say the statement of this fotos is more clear for mi!! good work ...
    Have anice weekend!!!

  11. An ugly sample to human nature.


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