Saturday, March 08, 2008

the wonders in Buzau county

Buzau county in Romania was one of the most amazing discoveries. The yesterday post showed you a part of the same hills that I am posting today. And no, there is no snow. This is pure salt, coming out through the skin of the earth. An amazing view, a place worth visiting at any time.
Click to enlarge the photos for a better view.
Happy Saturday!


  1. Interesting post and amazing shots!
    Happy 8.March to you too!

  2. Beautiful:it seems Ice.


  3. That must be a great sight to see, we have massive salt mines in the UK, if you get the time have a look here.

    It as some interesting facts on salt as well.

  4. So I totally goofed yesterday! :D

    Salt, eh? Then not much vegetation can grow on those mountains.

  5. These are stunning. I didn't know that was possible. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. I would have never guessed salt. great shots!
    Wiley Willows Photoblog

  7. mountains of salt? I was thinking snow. Interesting capture.

  8. That is amazing to see and I thank you for showing it to us today. I thought one had to dig for salt but today I see that it presents itself quite easily in some places.


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