Monday, March 10, 2008

rivers of salt

Good Monday morning! We are still in Buzau, still on the rivers of salt. Some pretty amazing views, right? Water coming right out of a stone, running down the valley, covering all in white. Too bad for the PET bottles left behind by some people unable to recognize the beauty and the unicity of the place...


  1. Anonymous11:37 am

    Really special landscape!
    I did not know anything about this kind of view.
    I have been in The Wieliczka Salt Mine and seen all those wonderful sculptures and pattern made from salt,
    but no photos about them, pity!
    Have a fine week you too, Lara!

  2. It looks like ice in the water. Great shots and very interesting.

  3. These pictures are amazing. I didn't know anything about salt coming out from the earth with the water. But why not, there is salt not only in the oceans but also in mines. Very interesting.

  4. I have never seen salt rivers. great shots!

  5. I must have missed badly with my tip on the contents of the rivers. But does anything grow around there?

  6. not where the salt comes to the surface. as you can see in one of the other pictures, there is a line of trees above, where the soil is not salty.

  7. This just amazes me. Thanks for another view.

  8. he luogo spettacolare...molto particolare, dev'essere affascinante trovarsi li.

  9. Locals are hardly ever aware of the uniqueness of their surroundings... A pity, isn't it?

  10. Anonymous10:53 pm

    This is very interesting. And yes, that really seems ice...

  11. Indeed interesting and informative shots.

    very nice.

    thanks for the information.

  12. Lara,
    thank you for your comment :-)! Ok, here comes my 50 centavos!
    The first one, looks very intersting. What is the main motive of your foto, landsacape or pollution?
    Liebe Grüße

  13. My vote: Some dumb American threw those in there. (Litter still baffles me. As in: I can't believe people are too damn lazy to carry out what they carried in and dispose of it properly. Idiots!)

    As for the pictures in this series: very cool!


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