Friday, March 07, 2008

rivers of...

Still very much hectic at work, but weekend is coming, and although I'll keep working, I plan lots of good sleep and some posting here.
If you go through my blog, back in 2006 you will find some similar photos. For the time being I'll let you guess what is the white stuff coming downhill...

Have a great Friday!


  1. Snow - artificial made for ski slopes, perhaps?

  2. I cannot tell what this is. interesting!
    Wiley Willows photoblog

  3. A few more weeks and those mountains will be green. No more snow, ice or cold by then. Then again, these will be the longest weeks of the year! t's always like that.

  4. Welcome back. It looks like the last vestiges of snow/ice on the mountains.

  5. Anonymous7:46 am

    It looks like a view from our Lapland in May or sometimes in June, when arctic hills are free from snow.
    Happy weekend to you, Lara!

  6. I would never had guessed if not for reading the post above.


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