Monday, March 17, 2008

solid rock faith

Good Monday morning! I had a sleepless night, because apparently flu is all over me again, for whatever reason. My head aches, my throat is beyond sore, and I still have to work.
Nevertheless, as I mentioned some parts of Buzau last time, here I come today with a map and two photos. The colours are not too great since the light was rather grey, but the rock formation is worth the posting.

To reach here you need a nice 4x4, although to much of my surprise (as always), I have seen plenty of old Dacia 1300 making their way up.


  1. THat's a wonderful rock. Do you know it's geological background?

  2. Amazing! That must have been some feat to get that there--as it is for you to be out of bed with the flu. Take care!

  3. Amazing that the Old Dacia manage to get where only the good 4x4 are supposed to get... ;)
    Wish you recover fast!
    Thanks for your comments at Blogtrotter, where I’m back to Crete now!
    Have a great (and flu free) week!

  4. That rock formation is amazing!

    I'm not surprised the Dacias get there - they're indestructible!

    True story: the first time I went to Romania (in 1993) I was amazed that 99% of the cars on the road were Renault 12s - we had had one as our family car when I was a kid, the best and most reliable car we ever had! Then I learnt they were Dacias, using the Renault 12 design - now of course they are much fewer, but I still feel nostalgic when I see them :)

  5. That rock formations are really very interesting.
    I wish you speedy recovery from your flu!

  6. Anonymous4:07 pm

    Amazing rocks.
    I guess they are worth the trip.
    And now ... of you go to bed, please. That's the only place I know to get a flu away.
    Get well pretty soon!

  7. Excellent images, great photos.
    take care !

  8. That would be just the place to take my Land Rover... that is one big rock... the smoothness in parts is interesting. It certainly looks my kind of place.

  9. Anonymous8:14 pm

    Now you poor thing need at least a lot of garlic !
    Your post is interesting and increases my appetite to sea those places in person!
    Thanks for the good post!

  10. Great rock formations. There must have been a lot of glacial action to carve out those cliffs.


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