Monday, December 17, 2007

the Bucharest Christmas tree

I have no idea if I prefer a natural Christmas tree, or an artificial one. Slightly ecologist, I go for the artificial one, provided that they will re- use it last year. Hm, that I mentioned the word re- used, some people argue that they saw this year's Bucharest Christmas tree last year in Lisbon... Quintarantino, any clue?
So much controversy for this tree... Some people argue it was too expensive. Also some say it is the tallest in Europe with its 76m, but some others argue it is few meters shorter...
Truth is that when its lights were turned on for the first time on the 1st of December, a huge crowd gathered: more than 100,000 people wanted to see the wonder. Resulting from this, huge chaos, traffic was blocked, not even the subway could swallow the tree-gazers, round 50 kids were lost in the crowd (lost and found later :) )... Na ja, what can I say? I am glad I wasn't there :).
Have a great week everybody!
PS: The area where the tree is, is called Union Square (Piata Unirii). And aparently there was a whole bunch of policemen out in the streets that night (check out the previous post too :) )


  1. Amazingly lit chrismas trees and you photographed the difficult subjects well

  2. Wow....what a BIG is very pretty!! I don't think I would have like being in that crowd though.

  3. Very impresive christmas trees! I haven't seen such those before. Beautiful photos!

  4. I'm from Portugal just my good friend Quintarantino, we are colleges in blog, so click in this link and see the tree that we have in Oporto, thats the same tree that was in Lisbon last year.
    Crithmas Tree

  5. Hello Lara, as far as I know the Millemium BCP bank pays and puts two trees every year on different places.
    Last year they had a tree in Lisbon, that this year is in Oporto.
    If you click on the link Daniel places you can see the tree this year in Oporto with webcams.
    The tree in Bucharest is also paid by the same bank that I know bought some romanian bank.

  6. it looks good for night shots and from a distance .very good captures .
    i think is a bit stupid who's got the bigger ... tree .
    and the huge crowd and chaos on the official lightning was crazy . maybe romanians should worry about some other things ... sorry , wrong place to say that ... hahaha

  7. Very good nightly shoot.
    Merry Christmas

  8. Anonymous10:38 pm

    That's an excellent shot, and a great story - I wouldn't have wanted to have been in the crowds either, far too scary! I mentioned Chisinau's Christmas tree yesterday - apparently it kept being moved into a different position due to a dispute between the municipal and national authorities!

    Glasgow Daily Photo

  9. very nice tree! wow!

  10. This is really stunning. I have never seen anything like it.

    I read about the millions of trees cut down ever year in our country, and I hate the thought of it. But then I think that the demand for trees means the demands to grow them which means a demand to keep open space open. Maybe that's a good thing.

    Having said that, we have an artificial tree that is white!

  11. That is a wonderful tree!

  12. It is a pretty tree. I'm torn between the real tree look, or artificial tree look. I can not decide which is best.

    Also, I enjoy that you added "Piata Uniri" for us to learn some new words in your native language. I know I may never speak it fluently, but I like to try to speak a few words or phrases.

  13. What is more unecological, the tree or a lot of people taking their car to go and have a look at it?

  14. thanks everybody for visiting and stating your opinion. lots of thanks to the Portugal team for the info regarding the tree!


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