Sunday, December 02, 2007


First of all, as an answer to Dan's question from yesterday, the Romanian National Day is on the 1st of December to celebrate the union of the three countries: Valachia, Moldavia and Transilvania into a single one: Romania. This took place on the 1st of December 1918, and it was the only moment when, even if for a brief period of time, Romania was at its peak from territorial point of view, uniting under one ruler all historical territories inhabited by Romanians.
A map of Romania at 1918 here.

Back to Vienna, a relaxing photo from Stadtpark...
Have a great Sunday!


  1. Anonymous8:24 am

    Happy Sunday and relaxing to you Lara! Boys can do that relaxing.
    Our Independence Day is 6th December
    and we gained independence 1917, 90 years ago.

  2. Hi. I invite you to my blog for a relax:

  3. Stadtpark is a quite nice place to relax, even if the underground has an open sky station there...
    Nice shot!

  4. Lara, thanks for the history lesson. I am facinated by history. Also love the pic today. Looks like a bunch of friends chilled out and having a very happy time together!

  5. Na bitte, ... geht doch! :-)

  6. As you say Lara, it is a relaxing view. I think I need to spend more time at a duck pond!


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