Thursday, December 06, 2007

rucksacks in the snow

Still raining here, and it seems I have got a cold, since my head aches terribly... Anyways, still some work to do, no time to sleep.
These two girls I chased on Mariahilferstrasse in Vienna, to get a better look at their identical rucksacks. My friend A. said I was verrueckt (crazy), but hey, I need to blog!
All the best for Sf. Nicolae, or for Krampus day today, or whatever else you might celebrate today. Anyways, we got gifts in our boots last night, if we were good kids. Apparently I was :).

PS: answering to Fenix - got some sweets (I am still slim, but sport is a must) and a pair of nice gloves and some other small cute gifts :)).
PS2: to Leena and all the others in Finland celebrating Independence Day, have a great celebration and enjoy it! It seems a nice, festive day today...


  1. I would've chased them too. Those two are so very cute and what a great photo that is. Very neat, Lara.

    (What did Sf. Nicolae leave for ya???)

  2. looks very nice, I like the effect in the snow!

  3. happy St. Nicolae Day. I am glad you got some goodies. I like this picture of the girls in the rain. Feel better soon.

  4. Anonymous9:50 am

    You said:"what ever". I will tell you, we celebrate our Independence
    today. It`s 90th Independence Day now. Finland was a part of Sweden over 500 years and 1809 - 1917 Russia was our master, now it`s EU :)
    We ourselves can demand something also, I think. Yes, I am a little dramatizing, but sometimes it looks like that.
    Have a good Thursday !

  5. Don't try to read too much French if you've already got a head ache! (Have you seen my BabelFish, often quite funny but it can help...)! And Happy St Nicolas just before the day ends.

  6. It is pleasant to see your pictures, thankyou for visiting my blog

  7. Cute backpacks. Wow, what we bloggers won't do for our photo-op. ;)

  8. Looks like the girls are not bothered by the rain. Nice picture, the drops come across neat.


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