Friday, December 21, 2007

Bucharest snapshots: at night

Three Bucharest landmarks: The Romanian Athenaeum, the Central University Library (destroyed 18 years ago during the revolution, but rebuilt now), the Intercontinental hotel (typical discussion of Bucharest inhabitants: "Where shall we meet?" "How about Inter?" "Oh, great idea!". Apart from this, "la Universitate" (at the University) or "la Romana, la coloane" (in Roman Square, next to the pillars), are also two typical answers for setting a meeting point).
Holiday is close, Sunday will be the last post for this year. I need a good shot for that :).


  1. You already have three great night-shots - what more can one want?

  2. Beautiful night shots, well done.

    Feliz Natal, Portuguese for merry Christmas.

    With Images

  3. Lovely nocturnals.
    We can also say UM SANTO NATAL; something like a HOLY CHRISTMAS...

  4. Thank your Lara for your beautiful comment on my post. That means me a lot.
    These night photos are so beautiful and clear; it really is well done job. And the architecture of the buildings and the way they are lightened up is something I really like very much.
    Happy Holidays to you too, Lara and have a wonderful time! :-)

  5. Beautiful, dreamy shots. The white stone loves the camera at night!

  6. Anonymous11:14 pm

    Which one you would like to choose, if I could come to meet you ?
    Wonderful pictures!

  7. Piata Romana is really fashionable these days :).

  8. wonderful shots . as usual .
    multumesc mult pt cuvintele frumoase si pt urari . ma bucur mult ca am gasit blogul tau sau tu pe-al meu . si eu voi pleca duminica la tara asa ca nu voi posta citeva zile dar la tine se pare ca vacanta e mai lunga . sarbatori fericite cu craciun si an nou frumoase si pline de bucurii si te astept anul viitor cu alte poze grozave .

  9. I love these pics Lara. Very nicely done.

  10. That last photo is of a very modern building, so different from the other two more traditional ones. All of interesting to see, aren't they, and fill residents with pride, I imagine.

    I wish you a very happy holiday, Lara.

  11. Hi Lara,
    great pictures! And I've been to that University square!
    The X-mas tree could have been in Lisbon two years ago (I think lat year was a bit different); but this year's tallest in in Oporto or Porto, like we name it... in northern Portugal home to F.C.Porto... ;))
    Sorry for having taken so much time to come back here, but I will not tell you about my last weeks… Anyhow, let’s forget all that; I wish you a nice holiday season and I’ll try to come back here to divert from less interesting tasks!

  12. Nice photo shot. I like buildings with beautiful architectural structures and designs.

  13. nice post today! have a nice holiday!

  14. yes dear, thats are some nice night shots! I like it ...

  15. Hi Lara,
    You have a nice and very elegant website with the awesome photo gallery. It’s so nice I’ve stumbled across it. I am Lara too, and I have a question to you--a linguistic question. My surname is Biuc. I am not Romanian, but while researching the question I found on the Net some information of the Mogos Biuc River in Romania. I don’t know the proper pronunciation of the word “Biuc” in Romanian. As for my surname, I spell it in English as “Biuts” but am not sure that is right. So, would you help me explaining the way you in Romania pronounce the word “Biuc”?
    with kind regards,


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