Saturday, December 15, 2007


Good Saturday morning!
A photo from Ploiesti now, a city 60 km North from Bucharest. A little bit kitchy in my opinion, but hey, better than nothing :).
As for me, after so many weeks when I was waiting for this cold (announcing itslef by random headaches and sneezing), I finally got it - and it's no joy: shiverring with cold (but something like 27 C in the room), sore throat, headaches, totally under the weather... Even the coffee tastes bad...
PS: check also this archive to see Ploiesti last December. This way I remembered the race for Vienna for last year. Yes, I am counting now too: a week left till again in Wien. Hurray!


  1. novala9:51 am

    same here - coughing and sneezing
    Get well soon!

  2. I am loving finding Romania trought your eyes.

  3. Kitschy works, though! This is just great.

  4. Lara, sorry to hear you are suffering with a cold. Hope you get well soon. As always, another great photo on your blog! It seems like christmas trees, lights, the hustle and bustle are ubiquitous. Are there any unique Romanian traditions associated with Christmas? If so, I would love to hear about them.

    Also, I am of Croatian decent and was wondering if you ever make it to Croatia or know of any Croatian photo blogs.

    Thanks! and get will

  5. Kitsch works. Great looking tree and very nice picture.

    Sorry to hear you are feeling unwell. It is amazing how a simple cold can make one feel so utterly miserable. Take care and stay warm.

  6. The building and tree do announce 2008 in a very cheery way!

  7. get well soon !
    very funny to see the "hurray !" after telling about going back to vienna . i would feel the same ... hahaha
    the tree looks nice but the building is ...well , you know

  8. Seee, you get what you wish for. When you expect a cold, that's what you get. :( Hope you'll get better soon and enjoy your trip to Vienna. They have Starbuck's there :)

  9. thanks everybody for wishes! Ro_Pumpkin, the building is the city hall... brrrr... they call it in mockery "the white house" :)). Isadora you are right! hehehe, on the other hand Strabucks is in Bucharest too... but no time to go there, it's rather far from my ususal way. Dan, I'll look for some, I rather know Serbian and Slovenian ones :(.
    Novala, see you soon. Quintarantino, ref. to your earlier comment, they say that Ro and Portuguese had the same way of "destroying" the Latin language :). Sandy, love to read your lines! Clueless, you are so right! So utterly miserable I feel... Gwen,it was really great to see you here, and I realli enjoy your posts!


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