Saturday, December 01, 2007

rote Puenktchen bei unserem Stephansdom

Red dots by our Stephansdom.
I have to admit this is again one of my favourite spots in Vienna: Stephansdom (always make a stop here), with the square, Manner shop near by, Haashaus...
Have a great weekend everyone, I just want a good sleep :)...
PS: Romania's National Day today. La multi ani!

PS: Danke sehr Ratze, ich spreche ein venig Deutsch, ich lerne viel, aber ich brauch immer noch Lektionen :)...


  1. Congratulations for the Romania's National Day!

    Love the photo! I like so much snow's photos!

    Thanks for your nice comment about the Leafcutter ants.

    Have a nice weekend as well!

  2. Congrats Lara! Today, we also celebrate here in Portugal: the holiday marks the successful uprising to end the 60 year personal union with the Filipe(s) - kings of Spain - in 1640…
    Your Dom pictures are fantastic. Loved them!

  3. Nice winter scene. They are laying tape, perhaps something to do with the celebrations. A nice weekend to you too.

  4. Lara, congrats on Romania's National Day. Pardon my ignorance but why today? Is there some historical significance?

    Also, very creative pic today. The red really pops against the b&w and adds interest and vibrancy.

  5. Have an Happy Romania's National week end Laras!

  6. I wish we had beautiful buildings of such size and structure around here. I envy you.

  7. Lara, bei unsereM :-)
    Sorry for the deutsch-besserwiss, but it is one of my "Piefke"-part! ... hahahaha

    Yeah ... a good first step!

    Have an nice Sunday


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