Friday, November 30, 2007


A little bit gloomy in a cold and grey day, but turning into magic by night: this is Rathaus - the Viennese Cityhall.
A gigantic Adventkalender can be seen on the windows of the building. Each day in December, a window will open.
Every year, starting with mid November, in the square in front of this building, you can enjoy the Christkindlmarkt - the Advent Fair.
Weekend is almost here! Enjoy everyone!


  1. Anonymous9:49 am

    Magic post! Thank you. And be happy this weekend:)

  2. Looks pretty majestic from here and so festive with the Christmas Market.

  3. Very nice series of pictures. Vienna's city hall building is certainly more majestic than Boston's. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. very beautiful and enchanting looking place.I have never been there,but you have shown me a most wonderful looking site.

  5. If I told you that your photos show a beautiful place I would be lying because the word beautiful does not even begin to describe the magical views you've captured. What a delightful sight. Thank you! And a nice weekend to you too. :)

  6. Wow! This is beautiful! I would think seeing these would get everyone in the Christmas Spriit!

  7. Lara, .... what´s up?? What is a Christkindelmarket (CM)without people? Where is the special feeling of a CM without smiling people after 3 or 5 Glühweins or Punches? I would say ... you have to go again with your cam. ;-)

    Have a nice weekend!

  8. What impressive architecture! What wonderful photos!

  9. d.c. confidential11:28 pm

    Beautiful! I love this blog. It brings back so many happy memories of happy days in one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

    Danke schoen!


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