Tuesday, November 06, 2007

beautiful flags

Romanian flag in foreground, next to the one of the EU (cannot see it in the picture). Still some time till the National Day on December 1st, but the colours were too nice not to capture.

If you scroll down this page a little, you will see a stop-to-shop sign. This is the 'big picture', leading to the Bridge of Lies (Podul Minciunilor) in the background, another wonderful area in Sibiu. Constructed in 1859, this bridge, first named The Iron Bridge, was later nicknamed the Bridge of Lies. Legend has it that if a person tells a lie while standing on it, the iron structure will collapse.

Whant to know more about Sibiu/ Hermannstdt? Please go here .

Enjoy the day!


  1. A nice shot Lara! Thanks for visiting TORUŃ DAILY PHOTO and leaving a comment about our cat!

  2. Nice photograph and interesting bit of history as well.



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