Sunday, November 04, 2007


Funny how symbols of communism, once hated and despised, turn into real fashion icons with the time, and even funnier how they share the space with symbols of the "fierce capitalism" (see the Julius Meinl neon sign to the right). Although almost nobody speaks Russian nowadays in Romania (except for the professional translators and Russian ethnics maybe), one can see lots of Russian-like inscriptions everywhere: from the very popular red CCCP (i.e. USSR in EN) t-shirts, to pub names - like this one - Propaganda - in one of the hidden corners of the main pedestrian area in Sibiu. After all, a hot tea tastes better in a trendy pub, doesn't it? Marketing is the best revenge :).

Clueless on what propaganda meant during the Cold War? Check it out here .
Clueless on what Julius Meinl is? You can find out more here .

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