Saturday, November 24, 2007

some more Punsch

some more Punsch photos. Annie said to the previous post that she'd like to buy it just for the pleasure of the moment. I think - as you see in one of these pictures - lots of people think like this :). And oh, my, are they right! it gets so cold in the evening, that you visit the stands jumping up and down to get your feet warm. so Punsch can only come as additional help. dangerous thou: me, at least, I get slightly dizzy and in a spending frenzy... you'll see soon what I spent my money on at this Kristkindlmarkt.
happy weekend everyone!

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  1. This brings back some nice memories!! I was, it's now many years ago, in Christmas time in Vienna for 2 weeks and enjoyed all the magic and the spirit of Christmas everywhere in that city...and of course also the "Gluehwein"...and the Bermuda-Dreieck...Oh my God, that was a great time!! :-)

    Thanks for sharing this post! Very nice blog, Lara!!!


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