Sunday, November 25, 2007

behind the gold

such amazing Christmas tree decorations on display at the Kristkindlmarkt. some affordable, some extremely expensive (up to 320 EUR), but for sure, all wonderful.
this one is for you, Ratze! (I'm trying to photograph people:). still shy, still shy...).


  1. Wow - that's a gorgeous picture, Lara!

  2. Very nice picture. Photographing people is more difficult that scenics and buildings; I know, I have the same difficulty.

  3. It's very pretty to see these gold hearts with beads. I would like to be able to make some to hang in my windows.

    People often are quite flattered to be asked to pose for a photo.

  4. hahahaha ... Thank you sooooo much! That is not so bad, the idea is realy beautiful!
    Have a nice week!


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