Saturday, November 10, 2007

playful: Sibiu series

So, yes, I discovered photoshop :). Let's see how Sibiu/Hermannstadt looks in photoshop. I particularly like the dary brush and poster edges applied to this photos. This whole city is like a painting...
Leena, thanks for inspiring me to play with the images!


  1. Hi Lara, I am very glad that you have visited my blog. Thanks for that and for your comment. I have found your blog beautiful and interesting.
    It is also interesting the modification you have made on these three photos. I like the buildings, its architecture and colors.
    I have to mention here that your reminded me to your Eurovision representative Mihail and his beautiful song Tornero.:-)
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Hi Lara, It looks like a cake there. Well, you know what I mean, all those icing colors and fancy frills on the buildings give this a light and beautiful look for the eye.

  3. I agree with Annie's comment, one hundred percent. In fact, of the three photos in this series, I like the first one the best. I've enjoyed browsing through your current posts. The black and white photos are nice, too.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. Hi Lara,
    Great Sibiu series, and now with photoshop it's going to be a treat... Anyhow, the houses are quite nice and the colours fantastic!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. ... mmmhhh ... Take care if you use PS.
    Less is more!
    Please never forget ... YOU make the foto ... and not PS.
    Btw. Whats up in Hermannstadt? Well, nice fotos of the old "german" (?) houses, but whats up withe the people of your town? I am sooo hungry for "street live" pic´s.
    Churches and house are nice but the people how lives inside ... as well!
    Take you cam and show (us) me the live in "siebenbürgen".
    Have a nice Sunday!
    Un abrazo

  6. i like the first one.

  7. thank you all for visiting and as well for your comments!

  8. Hi Lara, good job with the Photoshop. There is so much to learn with that program, I usually get a headache while playing with Photoshop. ;)


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