Tuesday, November 13, 2007


The tea I mentioned yesterday is recommended for its high content in vitamin C. Which vitamin C is higly recommended in winter. Winter as shown below... Pictures taken on the way to Sinaia and in Sinaia, at Cota 1400.
Ooookaaaay... So that actually looks like a lot of snow...
Some people got stuck in the snow, so the jandarms had to come and dig them out. I took this from the car - sorry for the dirty windshield... offroad driving, you know :)...

As a conclusion, as fellow blogger Zsolt mentioned on his blog, we are sooooo amazed at this snow this year, due to the fact that last winter we had so little. The first real snow for Christmas was ... in January (for my Serbian Christmas), as you can see here.


  1. Snow always makes everything look so pure, like a fairyland. I hope you are enjoying it to the fullest, Lara. I enjoyed seeing your photos very much since we rarely get snow here in Arkansas, U.S.

  2. Anonymous3:09 pm

    And now I know, why we have only a little snow here and in the southern part of Finland not at all, you have ordered it there and to the Alps !!!

    But we will get it anyway for Christmas, I know. And there it`s enough snow for everyone in Europe before a winter has gone.

    The photos are very good ones.


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