Wednesday, November 14, 2007

morning as usual

The train station at 7.30 AM means silence.
Lines, tracks and shadows.5 minutes later people start pouring. Trains arrive, hectic people go off and on. Sometimes I smile when I see that people visited Vienna, and they carry souvenirs... (Empress Sisi bag, Schloss Schoenbrunn).
Have a great, less hectic, day!


  1. :) It does capture the motion of the the place, the lines running into infinity the people with expectation on their faces. :) Love to people watch at airports too.

  2. these long shadows are really wonderful Lara:)

  3. Beautiful's photos of lines, tracks and shadows!

    Thanks Lara for your visiting on my place!

  4. Beautiful photos! I like the most the first one; lines, tracks and shadows.

  5. You write quite beautifully about the waves of activity around a train station. And the shadows in the photos are very nicely captured, Lara. I will have a quiet day today, and will think of you.

  6. :-)
    Lara, I didn´t say never use PS, only be careful if you use it. PS is a great software and sooooo big. But you have to use it ... with a touch of caution .. hahaha. That is my experience .. that if you use strongly PS, you will be more focused on it than to make the real fotos. And the foto comes at first. :-)
    Yeah ... nice fotos, I lilke the first and the gen how is looking the cabin.

  7. Good morning! This is the spirit of morning, sleepy shadows that give way to the morning sun. People on the go, to work or for fun. Busy hectic day and quite pretty.


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