Monday, November 26, 2007

Wiener Adventzauber

The fairytales of our childhood.
The sounds and the smells. The lights.
The most beautiful season of the year.Have a great week everyone!


  1. :) I think we all have these glowing memories. Do you ever wonder if your parents felt the same preparing it for us? Or were they as weary of the pressure of the holidays as we are now sometimes?

    I think that is another of those 'memories' where we miss not only the event but also the carefree state of being a child. :)

    In any case, lovely pictures.

  2. hallo, Isadora. You are so right. I think Christmas used to be a little more peaceful back then... when they didn't start celebrating it in June :).

  3. Lovely stuff Lara...childhood is the best time of your life!!

  4. The images of the Christmas season are so lovely.

    Thanks for your visit to Flying!

  5. .... "the best season in the year"?

    Come on ... in some days the radio stations go to play "Love christmas .... bla bla bla" all the time and I hate this for 20 years. The people are stressed by hte conumption terror and the weather make me crazy.
    And after the event ... I have SOME kg more on my alabaster body. No madame, it is a realy bad time!


  6. You are so right, Lara. These are the scenes that make childhood Christmases so memorable and keep us, as adults, happy during the season.

  7. These pictures bring back such warm memories of Wien for me. Makes me wish I was there right now.

  8. X-mas is coming, and I guess the Austrian X-mas is still an old fashioned one, at least thinking about all those sweets.

  9. Beautiful photos! So much sweet candy and treats, I am now hungry. ;)


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